- two-part modeling compound
Modelight – two-part modeling compound, which could be anything you want.

Make your modeling light!
Advantages of working with Modelight:
- Easy to use
- Cures hard without any treatment in 24 hrs
- Comfortable consistence
- Ideal for painting
- Easy to wash away
- Not cracking
You can use Modelight almost anywhere



Repair and restoration

Minor house repair




History military miniature




Author dolls and toys


Some secrets of working with Modelight from our customers

Any colour
You can add any colourright in the process

After it cures hard, you can paint it in different colours

Processing of finished item
After hardening it is good for any treatment
Recommendations for work with compound
1. We recommend to wear special gloves before work to avoid irritation on sensitive skin.
2. Mix components A and B in equal amount until it become one-colourand uniform paste.
3. After mixing parts it would be just 60-90 minutes for work, it is the most comfortable time for work (after 24 hours product will gain straight and hardness)
4. To move off compound from hands, instruments, working surfaces is recommended to use soap and water.

To make your work easier you could use our time guide.:

30 minutes after mixingSoft consistence, the best for making main form and details.
60 minutes after mixingFlexible consistence, the best for making medium forms and details.
60-90 min after mixingThick consistence, best for making small, thin and delicate details
24 hoursStrong: completely hard, ideal for painting
and different processing

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